You read that right. In business, competition is for losers. You don’t believe that. Of course you don’t. So let’s try this. Competition is a game. Like any game you win or lose or tie. In business, forget the tie. It’s another name for lost.

However, if you don’t play you can’t lose, while you can still win. Sounds crazy. It’s not.

Let’s say your a florist with another florist right across the street. They do a booming business with funerals, wakes that sort of thing. So what do you do? Compete for that business. No, because competition is for losers. And you’re no loser.

You chase the market for proms, weddings, those bouquets that lovers, husbands, and wives send to each other. See? You chase a totally different client. A different niche. You do not compete. You don’t play the competition game, so you can’t lose.

This is not our idea. It’s Blue Ocean Strategy, and it’s brilliant.

So, don’t spend your time, energy, and money fighting over the same dollar the competition is fighting you for. Sell where their not. And you win. And they win. Because you’re smart.